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10 Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Wedding Venue

All the details of your special day hinge on securing the right venue.

Once you’ve made the decision to get married, the first step in wedding planning is to choose a venue. Yes, even before settling on a date or going dress shopping! Whether you already have a certain theme in mind or you’re waiting to be inspired by an amazing space, all the details of your special day hinge on securing the right venue. But before you fork over that nonrefundable deposit, make sure you get the answers to these ten important questions:

1.  How many people can the space accommodate?  Never assume a space is large enough by looks alone. An empty room can seem gigantic, but once it’s filled with a buffet, a dance floor, a stage for the band, a bar and tables for your guests, things can get pretty tight.

2. Can I view the venue during an event?  Seeing how a space actually functions when there are people in it is the best way to know if it’s appropriate for your plans.

3.  Does your outdoor venue provide a backup plan?  No, it wouldn’t dare rain on your special day, but it’s good to have a plan B just in case. 

Ask about seeing the venue during an event.

4.  Are there limitations on the decor?  Your dream reception may include hundreds of candles, crystal stars hanging from the ceiling and an aviary full of love birds, but the venue may have a policy against open flames, putting hooks in the ceiling and live animals. Better find out!

5.  Is it private?  Hotels and banquet halls can host several events at once. If you want to feel like yours is the only celebration in the world worth attending, make sure any shared walls are sufficiently soundproof and that you don’t have to share restrooms, dressing rooms or banquet spaces with other parties.

6.  How is the parking, is there a valet?  If the parking situation isn’t safe and convenient for your guests, consider arranging a shuttle service to take them from the ceremony or a satellite parking area to the reception. An on-site valet will help things go smoothly.

7.  Do you have an in-house caterer, and must I use them?  An on-site caterer can save a bundle of money in rented dishware and hired servers. But if they don’t serve the style or quality of food you want, saving money may not be the top priority. 

Ask if private dressing rooms are available.

8.  What are the rooms amenities?  Little things like a nice view, plenty of natural light, access to an outdoor patio and private dressing rooms for the bride and groom are what make the difference between a good venue and a great venue.

9.  Are there any extra charges you should know about?  Many venues charge extra for overtime, bringing your own liquor, coat-check services or other add-ons they might not mention upfront.

10. What is the cancellation policy?  No one wants to think about their wedding reception being cancelled, but unexpected events could cause you to reschedule. Knowing the venue’s policy will prevent any unpleasant surprises if plans change.

Boulder Ridge Country Club

The Boulder Ridge Country Club features an elegant and comfortable banquet facility that is available to both members and non-members. Attention to detail and flexibility in planning are the tools we use to ensure your satisfaction.  

Our accommodations provide a picturesque setting for your wedding or next event. Our beautifully decorated banquet facility offers rooms accommodating 20 to 400, access to a spacious outdoor veranda for your pre-function activities or wedding ceremony, picture windows overlooking our championship 27 hole golf course, beautiful settings for outdoor and indoor photographs, full service built-in bars, and the privacy of a private VIP and Bride’s Room. Area hotels offer shuttle service.

For more information, please visit our website or contact our Catering Director Janet Logan (847) 854-3000,