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Father’s Day Activities

We love Dad with all our hearts, but he sure can be one tough customer to buy a gift for. If finding the right “thing” for your husband or father seems like an impossible task, maybe giving him a fun experience will help express your love and appreciation for all he does.

Give Dad an Adventure –  It used to be something you could only do in remote locations, but more and more recreational areas are promoting family friendly zip line rides. Check at your local lakes, campgrounds, fitness clubs, adventure tours or zoos to find one near you. Zip line attractions aren’t regulated in most areas, so make sure to choose one that provides safety equipment, including helmets, and adequate orientation. 

Build It and He Will Come — Break out the hammers and the sandpaper, and build something with Dad. Make it a family affair by choosing simple projects like a birdhouse or a planter. Let everyone help create a beautiful memento and beautiful memory of Father’s Day.

Get Some Local Flavor – Is there a unique attraction or eatery in your area everyone has to see when they come to town? Let Dad play tourist for a day as you explore your hometown and do all the fun things only visitors usually get to do. Take care of any details ahead of time; buy the necessary tickets online and make the needed reservations so Dad will know you planned ahead to make his day special.

Mini Golf –  An afternoon of miniature golf is fun for the whole family-no experience required. Most miniature courses don’t take tee-time reservations so expect to wait a while if you go on Father’s Day. If Dad hates long lines, or you want to fit in several activities during the day, consider presenting him with a gift certificate instead.

Fix it For Him – Older fathers with grown kids may need a little help around the house now and then, but they’re probably too proud to ask. If you’ve noticed some repairs that need to be taken care of at Dad’s house, make plans to spend part of Father’s Day giving him a hand. Remember, no matter how old Dads get, they still like to do stuff with their kids.

Give Him the Day Off – Sure, the ideal Father’s Day is for the family to spend time together, but if the man in your life is a stay-at-home Dad or one that works extra hard to keep work and family life balanced, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if he got a little free time on Father’s Day. 

Whatever you decide to do for Dad, do it from the heart. Those are the gifts all parents love best! 

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