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Golf Leagues & Events

Boulder Ridge Country Club offers golf events and leagues for the entire family to enjoy. Our professional golf staff organizes several golf events throughout the season making it easy to meet new people and make new friends. There are women’s 18 hole and 9 hole golf leagues that schedule activities so ladies feel welcome and can join the fun.

Men’s Golf

Camaraderie And Fair Competition No Matter Your Playing Ability

  • “The Rock”, three day member guest
  • “Club Championship”, flighted by handicap
  • “Member – Member”, two days of competition
  • “Match Play”, season long, individual and two man
  • “9-Hole League”, Tuesday evenings
  • “Travel League”

Women’s Golf

9 and 18 Hole Leagues For Those Just Beginning Or The Veteran Golfer

  • “Member-Member”
  • “Guest Day”
  • “Club Championship”
  • “Season Long 9 & 18 Hole Weekly Events”
  • “Travel league”

Couple’s Golf

A Great Way To Meet Other Club Members While Having Fun

  • “Sip & Swing”, monthly 9 hole Friday evening
  • “18 Hole Couples Golf”, monthly mixer event
  • “Couples Championship”, 18 hole completion

Junior Golf

Learn The Game Your Children Can Play For A Lifetime

  • For Children Ages 5 – 17
  • Six week summer program
  • Weekly Golf Instruction And Education
  • Junior Guest Day
  • Junior Championship & Awards Banquet