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Top 10 Benefits of Joining a Private Country Club

Excellent service and a more personal atmosphere is one benefit of membership.

With so many places and opportunities to play golf, you may think joining a private country club is unnecessary. But club membership provides many benefits besides an amazing day on the links.

1. Service: Whether it’s the bartender who remembers just how to mix your martini or the valet who calls you by name, the staff at a country club works hard to keep their members happy because the atmosphere of a club is more personal.

2. Social Connections: A variety of club-sponsored activities and events provides people of all ages with the opportunity to meet new friends and form bonds that can last a lifetime. Club members automatically have something to talk about because they share an interest in an active lifestyle.

3. Business Connections: The same commonalities that make it easier to forge friendships at a country club, make it easier to widen your business network. 

Boulder Ridge Golf Course first hole.

4. Private Golf Course: Yes, golf is still important! Membership fees help to create some of the most challenging and beautiful golf courses in the world. The 27-hole championship course at Boulder Ridge encompasses over 7,000 yards of rolling terrain and is open to all members and their guests.

5. Going Pro: Access to some of the country’s best golf pros, tennis pros and personal trainers is available at a private club. Working with professional athletes at this level can change your game—or your life.

6. Family Fun: Whether it’s attending a seasonal party, signing up for a class or just hanging out at the pool together, there’s always something fun for the family to do at Boulder Ridge. And when you need a little space, the kids can take a swimming lesson while you work out in the fitness center or grab lunch with friends.

Fun for the whole family.

7. Dining Out: From burgers by the fairway to world-class cuisine in an elegant dining room, you’ll always find the right meal with the best service at a private club.

8. Access: Is there a wedding in your future, or do you need a meeting rooms to host an important event? Club membership means you have special access to all the club’s amenities including the banquet hall and the services of our professional planners.

9. Room to Grow: Not only is there always something new or different to do at the club, there are also new people to meet. At Boulder Ridge we strive to anticipate the needs of our growing membership and stay ahead of industry trends.

10. It’s easy:  Membership to a private club is more affordable than most people realize, especially when you consider all the money you and your family will be saving on greens fees, tennis lessons and fitness-center memberships.

At Boulder Ridge, we have designed a variety of membership programs and opportunities to suit your needs.  Whether you are looking for a full golf, corporate, social or dining membership we’re here to assist with any questions you may have about your membership selection.  For more information visit our website.